Hi, I'm Belinda!

I love horses, dogs, cats, zebras, giraffes ... all the animals actually! My dream holiday is an African Safari.

I'm a professional, award winning photographer and I live rurally in the small Wairarapa town of Carterton with my husband, two children, and a selection of animals including dogs, cats and horses. Fun fact about me - growing up I never knew (or dreamed) that my special hidden talent would be 'wild cat tamer', and I've certainly never put any effort into it. I'm not really a cat person and I never even owned one until the first one just turned up about 4 years ago. Since then the word has apparently spread amongst the farm cats and now we have a couple more than two, that enjoy 5 Star accommodation and being waited on by their human servants. I don't compete in equestrian sports much anymore but I love having a little project or two on the go and I really enjoy the challenge and rewards of working with untamed horses.

They say never work with animals and children - however amongst my favourite things to photograph ARE animals and children (and sometimes together!) I balance my time between school portrait photography (not your traditional grey or mottled backgrounds), equestrian events, portraits of people and their pets, and weddings. You might guess that my favourite weddings are elegant outdoor country style weddings, and I get especially excited if your pets (cats, dogs, horses, cows, deer!) are involved in the day.  

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